Cancer february 25 2020 weekly horoscope

Sweet Venus connects with power planet Pluto, encouraging you to connect with your community in an authentic way.

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Your influence has major implications. The new moon soon follows, bringing the perfect opportunity to hit restart. As the moon moves through Leo and Virgo, you are more sensitive to your interpersonal commitments and how to take them more seriously.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope by The AstroTwins | Astrostyle

Scorpio season begins, finding you in higher demand from the public, and you get well-deserved recognition for your accomplishments. Your creative and sexual drives run high as the week comes to a close—sweet Venus connects with impulsive Pluto, and you can tap into a deeply universal side of pleasure. You have sex appeal and creative agency, and can collaborate well with others.

Your faith in the universe is taken to the next level as sweet Venus harmonizes with transcendental Neptune. Get in touch with your spiritual side, or connect with your general beliefs. You can be creative with your philosophies. Venus connects with Pluto, the planet of secrets, and you can find how habits shape your friendships. This can bring you closer together. Action planet Mars clashes with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, and you come to a final conclusion of what needs to be cut out of the picture in order to reach your dreams.

The new moon encourages spiritual and intellectual growth. When Neptune is involved, the imagination runs wild. Be aware of what you imagine others are feeling, and how that can differ from reality. Look out for values being projected. Scorpio season finds you working out things that need to change. Get lost in the fantasy of your ideal relationship, but keep your earth sign head screwed on tightly!

Scorpio season is all about your relationships—over the coming weeks, other people take on greater importance and you can take the time out to focus on being honest about your partnerships.

February 25th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Use the uncertainty and flexibility to fill in the blanks with whatever you want to be true. Your social life is a place where you can escape whenever things seem impossible to grasp.

You might feel rejected from social or sexual pursuits as action planet Mars clashes with Saturn, the planet of structure, but use this opportunity to change your course of action and focus on preparing for an alternative. The planet of romance, Venus, harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, adding an extra sparkle to your dates, platonic or sexual, whatever floats your boat.

Get carried away with partying or hedonism—Scorpio season is simply a horny and fun time for you!

Aries (March 21st - April 20th)

The coming weeks are fun and exciting. An intense understanding between two people—lovers or friends—arrives as Venus connects with Pluto. This can come with a sense of rejection or resignation as action planet Mars clashes with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, but the new moon in Scorpio encourages you to find solace in these relationships. Get in touch with your roots, your family, and their stories. There is a feeling of closeness to your ancestors and family history as Venus harmonizes with psychic Neptune, pushing you toward a mystical connection with your family tree.

Scorpio season finds you in a more private mood. Find a way to get comfortable and have a nice place to lay your head after the chaos of the busy work day. The new moon encourages you to get some rest and reprioritize. You are in a magical headspace when it comes to your relationships. Chase the fairytale romance, and let other people transport you to a magical world, but be aware of where your fantasy begins and where reality ends. Find a more appropriate place to let these fantasies run free as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of fantasy.

Lunch plans—or breakfast plans the following day—would make a great setting for a conversation that helps move you along your way. On or near Friday, action is taken to instate independence and take charge. We are owning up to our past as we take a step into the future. This week, Uranus is at the very final degrees of Aries, finishing up its job as the inventive and rebellious planet prepares to switch signs for the first time in seven years.

Scorpio season begins!

While Venus is in Aquarius, strangeness in love and aesthetics is appreciated. Affections require communication and rational thought. Similar to Venus in Capricorn, we are committed to our relationships. Venus is also the planet of money, and with Venus in future-thinking, Saturn-ruled Aquarius, we can start putting our spare change in a savings account. Pay attention to the conversations, commutes, and—because Mercury is in an intuitive water sign—emotional impressions, that are before you right now. They are especially strong on Sunday, March 3, as Mercury reaches the degree at which it will station retrograde as the messenger planet begins to slow down and create confusion.

From February 19 to March 5, Mercury will travel over this path for the first of three times. The second time will be during Mercury retrograde from March 5 to March Your third and last chance to tighten up loose ends will be from March 28 through April A meeting of the minds is in order midweek.

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A conversation with a friend helps guide you and direct your attention to the things you should be researching on or near Wednesday evening, as the sun gently harmonizes with action planet Mars. You will certainly need it; the details are starting to get extra hazy with Mercury slowing down in your sign. A community-funded project sees a surprise shift on or near Friday morning as money planet Venus squares off with planet of the unexpected, Uranus. Clothes, art supplies, and things to make you feel good about yourself, are all easy to impulse buy.

A much needed pep talk with a friend on or near Wednesday evening will have you feeling empowered as you both devise efficient and dignified ways to direct your income. A surprising career shift comes on or near Friday as love and money planet Venus squares off with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. Get creative with collaborative ideas on or around Wednesday evening as the sun gently harmonizes with action planet Mars, which is in your sign until March Brainstorms are imaginative, and you, Taurus, currently have the willpower to see the biggest ideas into existence.

Your planetary ruler Venus squares off with rebellious Uranus on Friday morning, creating a compulsive, intellectual shift in your philosophy. Shortly after on Friday afternoon, Venus will enter intellectual Aquarius, in your career sector, making you appealing to your bosses. Lean into your quirks and reclaim them as leadership qualities. This can impress eccentric millionaires and offbeat startup owners.

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  8. Responsibilities waver through mid-April. As the sun gently harmonizes with action planet Mars, a conversation with a boss on or near Wednesday keeps you up at night as you think about ways to do and be everything.

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    Surprise paychecks and connections occur on or near Friday morning, as love and money planet Venus squares off with rebellious Uranus. Sharing your beliefs online inspires a new course of action on or around Wednesday evening, as the sun in spiritual Pisces gently harmonizes with action planet Mars.

    Until March 31, you will be driven to be more active in your community—online and off—as Mars transits through headstrong Taurus.

    This weekend creates shifts in your relationships, as sweet Venus makes its final adjustments before leaving your partnership sector for Aquarius. The first adjustment is inspired by an unexpected conflict between work and friendship, as Uranus, the planet of surprises, squares off with Venus.

    With the love and beauty planet in Aquarius, you will be intuitively processing intimacy issues. Call upon owed favors on or around Wednesday night as the sun gently harmonizes with action planet Mars in gentle Taurus. With the warrior planet in your house of reputation through March 31, you boldly command respect.