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So, when you put up this front, others can be disapproving about the way you handle the issues at hand. Even after knowing this, you still have a great concern for others and are willing to help them. It is just that you have your way of solving problems. January 27 birthday personality are considerate of others, and deep down, they appreciate it. In life, there will be disappointments, but you will find serenity in the end. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The January 27 horoscope predicts that you take pleasure in the finer things that life offers.

You are physically strong and vital. Aquarians are polite, happy and physically appealing. Your grooming standards are impeccable. You want others around you to look good as well. You are an intelligent person who will prosper. You are a lucky sun sign when it comes to wealth and success. Those born today on January 27 have a strong will and are unbendable at times. It is hard to change your mind once it is made up. It is your ethics that keep you grounded.

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Before jumping all over someone Aquarius, get all the facts first. You would do better in defending your position. Because of your ethics, you tend to be a little on the cautious side. While we respect this, you need not be suspicious all the time.

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Everyone does not have an agenda that is against you. So loosen up a bit and let people do their thing. Just like you, they only have one life to live here on earth. It is to be enjoyed and not spent in being revengeful. The January 27 horoscope suggests that you will make a free home for yourself and family. Children of all ages are welcome. Children of all ages are welcome to join the fun! Learn all the classic childhood songs, read, and wrap it up with a new craft each week. This exciting interactive event is fast-paced enough to keep all the little ones engaged all while learning and exploring in a safe, enthusiastic environment.

The event is weekly and always free. Calendar GoogleCal. Ever wanted to pick up the guitar? Now's your chance! Guests are encouraged to bring their own acoustic guitar or purchase one from Bookmans! He is also kind to small animals, including insects. Craig is also well known for his instructional abilities and style- he has taught a variety of guitar styles to all ages and levels for over 20 years.

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Country Club Dr. Ever heard of a fun fantasy card game called Magic the Gathering MtG? While there are some other Magic meetups. Until now!

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The goal of this group is to make this super fun game accessible to anyone, meet new people, and play some cards! Have you been playing MtG a while and want to contribute to this meetup? If you have mountains of old cards, Duel Decks, or whatever that we can loan to people just starting, that will be more fun for everyone. Trade, play, meet, and more.

These sessions are open to anyone interested in learning more about the art of storytelling in a safe and. These sessions are open to anyone interested in learning more about the art of storytelling in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Stories shared may be at any stage of development and must not be more than minutes long to allow for thoughtful feedback, if desired. Tellers of Tales TOT is a c 3 organization, founded in Matt and Craig alternate to play at Bookmans every month. You can find Craig at Bookmans of odd-numbered months and Matt at Bookmans on even-numbered months.

Let your voice be heard and pick upcoming books to read. What is New Adult? It's a new genre that focuses on the lives of protagonists between the ages of eighteen and thirty. These are the types of stories that deal. These are the types of stories that deal with the trials of adulthood. Ina Rd. Children are welcome to hang out and enjoy a few stories in a positive and affirming environment, with a small song,. Children are welcome to hang out and enjoy a few stories in a positive and affirming environment, with a small song, and the creative art of coloring or a craft.

Snacks are provided and a whole lot of fun! We cannot wait to see you there! It's the second Thursday of the month that means it's Storytime with Sign! Build bonding and language skills with little. Build bonding and language skills with little ones, essential elements of early literacy. Perfect for children ages years with a favorite grown-up. All games are beginner-friendly and we welcome veteran players as well. We always make sure that all games are safe, inclusive and fun!

Read to Me Storytime takes place every Friday at am. These are literacy-based storytimes intended to help get your child ready for reading. Read to Me Storytime is complete. Read to Me Storytime is intended for children ages years old. Of course, all are welcome to any of our storytimes, but please note that each storytime is carefully constructed for the purpose of getting young children ready for reading. Tucson Meet Yourself will be held on October 11thth and we are so excited to be a part of the festivities! Tucson Meet Yourself is a folklife festival focusing on. TMY is the signature annual event of the Southwest Folklife Alliance, a Tucson-based nonprofit organization that helps support, honor, and promote the traditional arts and heritage practices of the region and that complement the festival year-round.

All skill levels are welcome. Dune Sea Garrison st will be in. Padawans of all levels are encouraged to dress up and participate. We will be collecting canned food for the Flagstaff Family Food Center. Join us at Bookmans for a day celebrating the ukulele! Our guest instructor, Kehau Kuhi, has years of ukulele performance and teaching experience.

We will learn simple chords and how to. We will learn simple chords and how to play two or three songs. This beautiful instrument was brought from Portugal to Hawaii and is recognized all around the world as an island instrument. The event is free and open to the public.

Scorpio Horoscope

Above all, beware of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Her special angel is Adnachiel or Advachiel, the angel of learning and exploration with bright yellow robes who dispenses gloom and doom and reminds us the dress rehearsal is over. For this full moon marks the grand opening of the rest of your life. June is named after Juno, Roman Goddess of marriage, protectress of women and Goddess of the fruitful harvest to come. The month of June is good for all matters concerning marriage and love commitment, fidelity, partnerships of all kinds, fertility, for peace and prosperity for men as well as women and the building up finances.

Muriel the Healer is the Angel of June, the silvery and pearl robed angel with her magic carpet of dreams. She is a granter of all wishes and realistic dreams, the fairy godmother of the angelic world. So dare to wish and then make it come true. In June, Muriel guides on sensitive family issues, helping contact with an estranged friend or relative, assists imaginative projects, home making or DIY ventures, beautiful gardens, starting a counselling or spiritual career, welcoming new family members, conceiving a baby, fertility tests or treatment if there are difficulties and for keeping secrets.

Red Roses are a June flower, symbol of love in almost every age and culture. Rosebuds were symbols of first or new love, the blossoming rose of passion and commitment while the full blown rose is a token of love in maturity. Buy June roses for someone you love as a reminder of the appreciation that can get buried under the daily demands of living and may not often enough be expressed. If you are alone whether by choice or circumstance, buy yourself red roses as a reminder you are whole, complete and of immense worth as you are now and that anything is possible as you reach out in June for your heart's desire.

Happy approaching Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18, Combined with the intense energies of Scorpio, this Full Moon promises transformation inside and out, the fulfilment of any urgent wish or desire, regeneration, rebirth, renewal and growth - and as Scorpio reminds us the time to clear the way for those new energies by weeding out what or who is stifling your freedom and enthusiasm.

Anything is possible, for this is the Moon of Bariel, the Angel of small miracles to whom you can light a circle of seven burgundy or indigo candles any night over the next few days and say for each candle, Bariel, angel of small miracles, give me the power to move forward and the initiative to make my own small miracles happen every day. Leave your candles to burn through. Most importantly Full Moon in Scorpio offers protection against physical, emotional or psychic attack and jealousy and from anyone seeking revenge, so you can be free to be who and what you truly are without fear, disapproval or criticism.

Maybe you will at last find your home or realise that home is wherever you are and turn with pleasure and not a little courage your face to the intensity of the rain, the sun, the winds and greet and meet life head on, maybe for the first time in ages and know freedom. This is the second major festival or Sabbat of the Year.

It celebrates coming of the old summer and the flowering of life. Incense and herbs: almond, angelica, ash, cowslip, frankincense, hawthorn, lilac, marigold and roses for love. Symbols: As a focus, gather fresh greenery, especially hawthorn indoors only on May 1 , any flowers that are native to your region. Dew is especially potent when gathered on May 1 morning — traditionally girls would bathe their faces in it, You can substitute pure spring water left for a moon and sun cycle in a crystal or glass container, beginning at sunset on April Deities : Sulis Minerva.

At the sacred Celtic hot springs at Baths, the Romans built their own magnificent healing edifices, combining the indigenous Sulis, the Celtic Sun Goddess and resident patroness of the sacred waters at Bath, with their own Minerva Goddess of Wisdom. These are for maximising the fertility energies first experienced at the Equinox, whether for conceiving a child or bringing a business matter to fruition.

They can improve health and increase in energy, optimism and self-confidence as the light and warmth move into summer. Sundown on May Eve heralded the signal for Druids to kindle the great Bel-fires from nine different kinds of wood by turning an oaken spindle in an oaken sockets, on top of the nearest beacon hill, for example on Tara Hill, Co. Meath, in Ireland, former home of the Dagda the hero gods of old Ireland. As time went on every village would have its Beltane fires which were attributed with both fertility and healing powers.

Young couples leapt over the twin Beltane Fires, ran between them or danced clockwise. Cattle released from the barns after the long winter, were driven between two fires to cleanse them of disease and ensure their continuing fertility and rich milk yield for the coming months. But the chief feature of the festival was the custom that dates back to the first farming communities and finds echoes worldwide of young couples going into the woods and fields to make love and bring back the first May or hawthorn blossoms to decorate homes and barns.

May Day is the only time of year, according to tradition, that hawthorn may be brought indoors. May Baskets filled with the first flowers of summer were left on doorsteps of friends, family, lovers and the elderly and infirm, a custom that is worthy of revival in every community and home. Beltane is therefore a festival potent for fertility magic of all kinds, whether conceiving a child or financial or business ventures bearing fruit, for an improvement in health and an increase in energy as the light and warmth move into summer.

As a focus gather fresh greenery, especially hawthorn indoors only on May 1 , any flowers that are native to your region, placed in baskets; gather dew potent especially on May 1 morn when girls would bathe their faces in it, or pure spring water left for a full sun and moon cycle in a crystal or glass container.

On the Summer Solstice, greet the dawn by lighting a lantern just before sunrise, from an East facing hill or plain. Spend the day in the open air and then say farewell to the Sun on a West facing slope, lighting your lantern once more to give the sun power even as it descends. Cast golden flowers or herbs into the air from a hill, a handful at a time, making empowerments for courage and achievement to the winds. Where they land and take root represents in the old traditions places of buried treasure or in this case symbolises new or buried talents you can develop to realise your hidden potential.

Make your Solstice water, the most potent Sun water of the year, leaving water in a gold coloured dish surrounded by golden-coloured flowers from dusk on the Solstice Eve until Noon on the Longest Day. This is especially healing and empowering and you can keep it in clear glass or gold coloured bottles to drink or add to bath water to give you energy and confidence. You can breathe in the golden light from your living sun wheel. Light sun oils, frankincense, juniper, rosemary, orange or benzoin or burn them as incense to bring the sun power into your home or workplace.

This can be carried at any time when you need fertility on any New moon or on Beltane Eve. Place in the cradle symbols of increase, with golden coins, sparkling crystals, ears of corn , nuts, seeds. Loop over the cradle, nine ribbons, red, yellow, green ,blue ribbons for the four seasons, silver for the Moon, gold for the Sun and white for the Earth Mother, purple for the Sky Father and pink for new life.

Grow strong in love, Bear fruit and multiply, Child of mine, or substitute whatever it is you wish to increase From seed to fruition, Be safe from all harm, all fear. You whom I bind close with hope, All the spiralling energies of earth, air, fire, water, moon, sky and mother Earth Who gives life to all, Aid me.

Secure each ribbon underneath in a loose knot to another so they form threes; saying:. As one becomes two, becomes three, So three to six to nine, Winding, binding, Babe of mine or wish if it is another fertility matter. Go into the open air and make love in a private place or of this is not possible go outdoors immediately afterwards and gather greenery to bring indoors.

This is effective for the fertility of joint ventures as well as for conceiving an infant. If you do not have a partner, gather greenery and flowers even from a balcony or window box and encircle yourself with them before you go to sleep.

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In the morning, sprinkle salt nine times clockwise over the cradle, then nine drops of water or Dew May dew is most potent of all ; burn a silver candle, a colour especially associated with fertility and pass it clockwise over the cradle being careful not to let any wax fall. Leave the cradle by your need either until the Full Moon or for fourteen days after Beltane Eve, replacing any greenery or flowers that are wilting with fresh ones.

After this period, bury all the greenery in the earth, and cover over the cradle. I have a knitted cradle that folds like a bag over the baby within, or you can buy large pottery or wooden hens used for holding eggs. But any lid will do - even the lid of a silver-coloured wok. Magic is all about adapting the available tools, rather than modifying or not carrying out a ritual. Throw the pieces on to a bonfire or fire in a domestic hearth and look into the embers to see pictures of a brighter tomorrow.

Take two identical apples, eat one and then say, So do I absorb the new life of Beltane and take within me the creativity and fertility to achieve what I do most desire. As this is a waxing festival let the cosmos send you what you most need which may not be what you think you want. Scatter any pips and shred the core on soil so they will be absorbed in their own way. Now take the second apple and bury it near where you scattered the pips and say, So do I bury the Samhain potential of the future to decay and be transformed in its own time to new growth.

Even if your Samhain seeds do not take root, you have symbolically set in motion long term growth in your life. As this is a waning festival name the influence of what or whom is holding you back from happiness and plan the first step to replace what will be left behind. Wherever you live in the world I wish you a happy Samhain and Beltane as the Wheel of the World turns in our lives and may you find the joy and blessings you seek and leave behind the sorrows.

Beltaine or Beltane is named after the Irish god of light, in whose honour fires were kindled at this time by rubbing wood together. Sundown on May Eve heralded the signal for the Celtic Druids to kindle the great Bel-fires from nine different kinds of wood. At this time cattle were released from the winter barns and driven between twin fires to cleanse them and to invoke fertility as they were released into the fields.

Winter was finally dead as at midnight on May Eve Caillieach Bhuer, the old hag of winter, cast her staff under a holly bush and turned to stone until six months later on Halloween. A time of great fairy activity, especially around standing stones and stone circles. Light your own Bel bonfire burning as many different kinds of wood as you can find. When the fire is burned though, scatter a few of the ashes to the four winds from a hilltop or open space, sending your wishes for the future with them. Bury the rest. Alternatively light a huge scarlet candle embedded in sand or earth and drop dried rosemary, lavender or rose petals into the flame, asking the cosmos to send what you most need which may be different from what you think you want.

Trade plants with friends and save any fragrant flowers or herbs you pick or are given over the coming weeks to dry and make into potpourri or home made incense to burn on charcoal or outdoor fires. Make a garland on a circle of wire or fill a vase with nine different flowers or different coloured flowers Bloddeuwedd the Welsh maiden goddess was made on May 1 from nine different flowers to be the bride of Llew the young Welsh god of light.

For each flower make a wish, some that will need all your power and optimism to fulfil. Rise at dawn on May morning and wash your face by adding a few drops of the morning dew you can collect it with an eye dropper to a bowl of water. May morning dawn is said to make you radiant and bring health and fertility. Fill small baskets with garden flowers or greenery and leave them on the doorsteps of anyone who is sick or lonely to spread the abundance of the season. Visit a sacred well or a small lake or pool in accordance with tradition just before sunrise and walk round it three times sunwise clockwise , asking for healing for yourself or loved ones.

Tie a ribbon to a nearby tree as a way of saying thank you to Mother Nature. Run, cycle, dance, swim, roller blade or jump and stir up the energies as a way of building up your inner power.

Go up hill and then freewheel down. If possible go along to one of the traditional May morning celebrations in your area or invite a group of friends for a flower party and ask them all to bring along a few flowers or plants to exchange. As we hear of yet another tragic attack on innocents in Sri Lanka, our heart and blessings go out to those who have suffered loss or whose family have been injured needlessly by wanton destructiveness.

There are no excuses for such evil, no true religion could ever condone such slaughter. It is understandable to despair and avoid going on holiday overseas or indeed to theatres and concerts at home for nowhere seems immune from danger. Yet if we restrict our lives, terrorism has won and we have lost our freedom, so we have to go on, being vigilant but not constantly looking over our shoulders or staying indoors.

Hard though it is, we cannot, must not stop believing in the innate goodness of the majority of humanity of all races and creeds. Nothing diminishes the evil done to innocents and we must all, of every race and creed, speak out and unite against those who are prepared to kill whoever is in their path of destruction. Yet we must hope and will not give up. But those of us who have our families safe today, we should speak words of love and gratitude and forgiveness for old hurts and guilt imposed unfairly and be glad we have them and our friends still in our lives, uninjured and able to build new moments of joy and reconciliation.

Now is the moment to appreciate and to reach out across superficial divisions and petty differences to build a shared tomorrow that maybe can endure in our homes and with loved ones and spread outwards like a ripple in a pool, in our community, our land and one day, impossible though it may seem, perhaps through the whole world.

Each one of us is a light that together can shine in the darkness. So light a white candle and look round at any loved ones present or the photos of those you can see again, even a plane ride or ocean of harsh words spoken and regretted and say May there be light in the darkness, hope in despair and may peace come.

Blow softly into the flame and then say There is not enough darkness in the world to put out the light of a single candle. Sprinkle salt into the flame saying Turn away the face of hatred and division. Sprinkle a second pinch of salt in the flame saying I dedicate this light to all who have suffered in Sri Lanka and those who love them and all others affected by such tragedies in every land and ask that love and peace will spread throughout the world. What could be luckier or happier than two full Moons in Libra in the same year, one in March and the second following in April, the first heralding in the Aries Sun sign, the second bidding it till we meet again.

The April Full Moon is on April 19 at She is also the Pascal or Easter Moon for Easter Sunday falls on the Sunday after the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox and some say the tradition of Easter eggs comes from the first egg laying around the Equinox that were offered in thanks. Originally myths tell us, eggs were painted in honour of Ostara, the Norse Goddess of Spring and new life called Oestre in the Anglo Saxon tradition who gives us the name of Easter and oestrogen.

Some Eastern European traditions tell how the Virgin Mary decorated eggs to delight her young son. The double Libra is the happiness moon through balance within yourself and not only through others; another try for strengthening or mending commitment, marriage, family, friendship and work relationships based on mutual respect, but offering freedom within caring, willing love, not tied up in the guilt and obligation web, independence based on support not sacrificing your principles for a peace at any price compromise.

There may be relationships and situations not working out, that are hard work or where we have made mistakes or been less than loving and we may not know how to put things right or we feel betrayed where others have let us down. Decide what did not flourish but which is still worth pursuing, a relationship too precious to abandon without another last ditch all- out effort. Do not give up on people or situations where there is still hope and love or where we discovered what we thought was perfect was human and so flawed and that we ourselves are also mortal, not angels or demons.

But if you are being pulled in two ways and your loyalties being tested or you are constantly acting as peacemaker and referee keeping the balance between people or factions who thrive on having you as the audience-and sometimes getting blamed by both- try this ritual as the Libran Moon shines down. An anti-guilt trip ritual for restoring balance when two or more friends, family members or work colleagues are pulling you in opposite directions.

Hold the cord both ends saying, Pulling and tugging, trying to please, This seesawing demands simply must cease. Then tie a loose knot in the center saying You name combatants are bound from involving me, No longer inflict this rivalry, That so disturbs my harmony, I shall be free. Pull the knot undone and immerse the cord in the salt saying Resolve it, solve it, not my business, No more stress, I will no longer witness or referee this pettiness. After 24 hours dispose of the cord still in the salt and wash the dish well. April is named after Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, the sea and beauty and also Aprilis, a goddess of the Etruscans, the people who once inhabited central Italy.

A good month for love and fertility, creativity, increase in any aspect of life, especially health and money, for enhancing inner radiance, healing and happiness; also for makeovers and healthy eating regimes, gentle exercise and energy work, creative arts, visiting beautiful places and spending time in nature, making your workspace harmonious and prioritising what makes you happy.

This month avoid noisy, soulless environments, trying to fit in with people who rub you up the wrong way, arguing on matters of principle with stubborn people and trying to economise unless absolutely necessary. The angel of April is Asmodel, the Creator of what is of worth, surrounded by pink rays. Asmodel or Ashmodel is the angel of beauty, inner as well as outer and especially finding beauty in nature, even in the centre of a town.

She offers us persistence, patience, reliability, loyalty, the expression of practical abilities and stability and tells us to value our own beauty and worth ignore anyone who makes us feel bad. Her challenges are stubbornness, occasional flashes of temper and over concern with material things. This was because the flower opened with the sun in the morning and closed at night. Mediaeval knights wore daisies when they went into battle as a sign that they rode in the name of a lady whom they loved. A knight wearing a double-headed daisy affirmed that the love was reciprocated.

It is said to be a talisman for all who are pure of heart and loyal in love. A daisy root can bring back an absent lover if placed under a pillow at night. An Asmodel Angel of April ritual for increasing your charisma and radiance if you are feeling overlooked, unloved or unlovable. Five pink candles along the base of the mirror so their light reflects in the mirror. Gaze into the mirror saying Asmodel Angel of Radiance, Let my charisma grow, As this candle glows, That others will be drawn to me, Asmodel make this so.

On night 2, light the original candle and the next candle to its right repeating the spell. On night 3 light three candles including the original ones, repeating the spell. On night 4 add the fourth candle to the three already lit, repeating the spell. On night 5 when all five candles are alight say Asmodel, as candles glow let my radiance likewise show, That I will shine and deserved admiration be mine.

Blow out the candles and clap your hands saying, Light enter me, that all will see me radiantly. Happy Full Moon on March 21 at A special Moon for it coincides with the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere, so a double dose of new beginnings and energies backed up by the oomph of the full moon. Balanced Libra ruled by wise angel Zuriel who cautions reason and restraint, has his work cut out keeping his excitedly anticipating flock from throwing their knickers in the air, But the Equinox energies give Libra a helping hand , for it is the time of balance, albeit briefly, equal day and night.

So not a time for flirting or giving way to temptation unless you have thought out the consequences all the way to the alimony and who keeps the dog. Nevertheless the surging full moon gives birth a new and maybe different but well thought out future and that future will be about choice and not what was all that was on offer when you first signed on the dotted line after a glass or three of wine. This is the happiness moon through balance within yourself and not only through others; remember when New Age met the Bible? Loving yourself as much as you do others or maybe a smidgeon more; yes, another try for strengthening or mending commitment, marriage and work partnerships, based on mutual respect and offering freedom within caring, willing love, not tied up in the guilt and obligation web, independence based on support not sacrificing your principles for a peace at any price compromise.

So this Moon assists us in getting the balance right in love and family relationships, friendships and work partnerships, a wonderful moon for togetherness or realising that you have everything you need within yourself, that you do rather like yourself as you are and for whom you are and that the future is yours to fine tune or change as the moon is rides high. Even if the dawn of the Equinox may not be as promising as we hoped, let's seize every moment and make it glorious and let not the sun go down on anger or regrets.

Too late are the saddest of words and there is still time as the balance of the year brings all into equilibrium and harmony as Autumn and Spring join forces, to give thanks for the many blessings we have and can share; a special Equinox as we remember all who sorrow because of the tragic losses in New Zealand and ask that balance be restored to the world so all may live without fear or intimidation.

In both hemispheres, we can recall the story of Ostara the Norse goddess who opened the gates of Spring. She found a small dove frozen in the snow and great goddess that she was, she knew that even if she revived it, the dove would not live. So she transformed the dove into a snow hare and said, Run and whenever people see you running they will remember my promise that new beginnings and better times are present even in the darkest moments and new life will return from that darkness.

There may be relationships and situations not working out, that are hard work or where we have made mistakes or been less than loving and do not know how to put things right or where others have let us down. Decide what did not flourish but which is still worth pursuing, a relationship you do not want to give up on, a dream or project that seems slow in fruit, but which is the light within you , your reason for going on and so too precious to abandon.

Go with all your heart for change at this moment when all is possible, but do not give up on people or situations where there is still hope and love or where we discovered what we thought was perfect was human and so flawed and that we ourselves are mortal not angels or demons. Reach to the future but take the best of the past with you. As I prepare to move from the southern to the northern hemisphere via Vietnam on Equinox day to see my son Jack and his wonderful partner Tara, to be with my beloved family again, my heart is in both hemispheres.

I carry the fruits of kindness and laughter of my time in Australia and the sun of the seeds of new dreams I will plant back home that may blossom by the time I come back again in September, just after the next Equinox, to the land of the red earth and endless shimmering horizons of promise. Click here for spells and rituals for Spring and Autumn Equinox. Blessings to all affected in New Zealand by this dreadful tragedy and to all who risked their lives to rescue those in danger and who are caring tirelessly for survivors and the bereaved.

We cannot, must not give up believing in the ultimate goodness of humanity and in love and peace, hard though it is. For once we do, terrorism whether perpetrated by a lone being set on destroying the innocent, a hatred fuelled group or cynical evil organization, has won. It may seem useless lighting candles and sending blessings, but every positive energy however small, in the name of hope, is a statement in belief that the world can and must one day become a better place.

Senseless killing is as old as humanity, but so is the kindness of strangers and those who daily work to make life better for others in need. This tragedy does put into perspective for those of us unscathed what are sometimes relatively insignificant worries, petty grievances and vague dissatisfactions that cloud our minds and toxify our thoughts. For we who are alive and well and fretting over trivialities, as I was when I heard the news of the New Zealand massacres, we are reminded of what really matters, the gift of life.

A time then to give thanks for those we love who may sometimes drive us crazy but are going to walk through the door tonight or text or mail us, time to forget old quarrels, coldness and divisions with family and friends. A day to rejoice in being alive and remember we are the lucky ones. So light a candle saying There is not enough darkness in the world to put out the light of a single candle. Sprinkle a second pinch of salt in the flame saying I dedicate this light to those in New Zealand who are so grievously suffering and all throughout the world who have experienced terrorism and senseless destruction of the innocent.

Blow gently in the candle flame saying I ask that love and peace will spread throughout the world that it may become a place where all can live and worship their own Deity or source of light or none, free from bigotry, intolerance, fear and danger. Named after Mars the Roman God of War, this was the month war and conquest resumed after winter and was the start of the Roman year as late as BCE.

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Mars was also the Guardian of agriculture and the ancestor of the Roman people through his sons Romulus and Remus who founded Rome and so March also marked the start of the farming year. The month is good for courage, action, passion, overcoming obstacles, for physical strength and independence, self-confidence, strong identity, innovation, assertiveness and the power to move life forward, for action packed holidays and getting fit, tackling bullies or inequality, passionate love, initiating or launching new projects of all kinds especially business or an innovative scheme and getting rid of what holds you back.

Avoid negotiations with people who are intolerant or prejudiced, activities involving detail rather than the big picture, working as a lesser team member where you have knowledge and expertise and will get irritated, being restricted physically or following a set programme where there is no room for your own spin on it.

Since this was the first month in the old calendar and the third month in the modern calendar, it is under the guardianship both of Michael the Archangel of the Sun whose year it is and so an excellent year for positive new beginnings and of Sachiel the Archangel of expansion, promotion and leadership and success by reaching out for what you most want and need. The angel of March is Machidiel or Malahidael , the innovator and warrior angel with sparkling golden-red halo and wings.

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The colour of March is red, its gems and crystals, orange carnelian, diamond, Herkimer diamond and the courageous undefeatable red and green bloodstone. A Machidiel Angel of March ritual for getting what is right when you know you are being misrepresented, bullied or cheated. An email printout, official document or judgement you know is wrong. If verbal abuse, spite or misinformation write in black on white paper what is inaccurate or unfair and who says so. Write over the printout in red Machidiel, Warrior Angel stand for me that all may see, I am right and bring the truth at last to light.

Cut off a corner of the paper, holding it and saying Machidiel Warrior Angel, Cut these mistakes down to size That they may be corrected and justice at last will rise. Each day hold the paper saying the first spell words, then cut off more saying the second words before throwing it away.